Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Just only a week or two ago a coworker balked at the idea of, me, camping. She accused me of being a "glamper" at best. I assured her I sleep in a tent and get dirty and don't wash my hair for days. 
I have likely destroyed her glamorous vision of me only spending weekends away in penthouse suites drinking champaign. Let's just say sleeping in a tent vs. penthouses... is everything and anything in my whole life-to-1.

However this last weekend we almost bailed on camping all together as the forecast is nothing but rain- we can handle rain. The last trip was, it's just having everything wet and dealing with tarps and not sitting around a camp fire while looking at the stars is kinda disappointing. So desperate to still get out of town I started googling cabins. 

Lucky me, airbnb had a cottage in Abbotsford on the 10 acre property of a hobby farm/nursery/bed and breakfast. With a pond! Only 1 hour drive from home! Perfect for 3 ladies who already had the camping gear, Coleman, and booze ready to go! This was definitely unlike any other airbnb I've been to. The closest to home, most peaceful, nature heavy, zero electricity. Quite perfect really.  We BBQd on the edge of their field and enjoyed sitting on the patio over looking the water. We were there nearly 24 hours before we went back over to their house to wash our dishes. 

The Brookside BnB has also worked hard to develop their land into a birders paradise: we saw (that we could actually identify) 

Tree swallows
Barn swallows
Canada geese
Bald eagle

I also saw a:

And heard: frogs and coyotes 

I have never seen so many swallows as I did there except for Siena Italy. I love their pointed tails and buzzing us and the pond at dusk. Impossible to get a picture of. 

Their resident dog, Poppy watched over us, escorted us back and forth between cabin and house, and kept a close eye on our cheese plate.