Sunday, September 21, 2014

Float on

This is about 2 things: one, I've been watching a lot of Fringe lately, and two, the temptation of a Social Shopper coupon for trying Float House was burning a hole in my pocket.

It was pretty cool I have to say. I scheduled it for the end of a week, among a few long weeks of the start of school. The floating was a bit surreal as it's hard to imagine that some salt can have that much of an impact on buoyancy. At times it felt like I was bumping up against the sides and at other times I was miles away from the edge. No sound, no light. Except the sound of me snaping my toes echoing
in the water. I was in there for nearly 90 minutes and I must admit that at what was probably the hour mark, I came back from somewhere. Somewhere. 

And if floating in a sensory deprivation tank will get me all that close to Peter Bishop, then sign me up.