Friday, July 26, 2013

cat-sitter international

Meet my new roommate Flip. His owners are off to Asia for a month and the company is welcome. This is not our first round- I have cared for him once before that stint was 4 months! He appears to have blocked any unfavorable memories of me (like when he clung to my leg and I had to fend him off with an umbrella, thus resulting in me setting off the house alarm) We did move past that. I think remembers the apartment. He's settled right in, being a messy boy. I woke up to having my chives eaten and a wet floor... Not what you're thinking: his name is Flip for the fact he flips his water dish when possible.
What he is in trouble, he makes up for in good looks.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A light in the night

On last Friday night I went to my first Ramadan dinner- my lovely neighbours who hail from Egypt invited me to break the daily fast with them that night. H wasn't kidding when she said we will eat at 9:10pm. Precisely. We ate the minute the sun went down. We dined on chicken, meat patties, a pasta dish and stuffed peppers (my favorite). We also drank a red juice and an apricot juice to finish.

After dinner I played a couple games of chess with their son. I'm holding my own against the 7 year old, despite having only played a few times when I was in elementary school myself. I love playing with those kids- sweethearts! I am honored to be included with their family.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I don't really know what to say about suicide

This spring in a matter of 5 weeks, 4 of my closest friends have been affected by the effects of losing someone they cared about to suicide.

I think people say suicide is selfish, but it's more obviously desperate. Desperate to be free of suffering. These are all people who had family, friends. Loved ones, jobs who sadly thought this was the better option.

It's become less of the why and more of the what could I have done differently to help them. I wish I had known. We all wish.

This last loss is the one that is closest to me. I am grateful that I know him. I will remember him for his heart of gold and sense of humor. He also makes me want to be a kinder, more gentle person both to myself and to others. I'll keep him in my thoughts, and also in my heart. You were and are loved, and you are missed. X

Sunday, July 14, 2013

trouble, with a capital I C E

I borrowed an ice cream maker from a coworker this week and made my first batch last night- my own chocolate cherry... It turned out not too bad- too soft serve when the ice cream maker was done and still next day is pretty soft. More time in the freezer I think.

Today: peanut butter! Within the 30 min the freezing was better- almost perfect to serve NOW. I only licked the spoon as I have to head out now. I assume it will be perfect by the time I return.

Next.... I saw a recipe for lemon cardamom. Or perhaps coconut. Or both?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rose City

Late June I finally made it back to Portland to visit CR and catch up after nearly 3 long years. God I miss my boys! We had fun times that covered as many different locals as utopia, home fields, saucy stages and many many new and old watering holes.

After all these years I finally made it to the Nike employee store (lived up to the hype and deals), saw the Timbers in action at a full stadium (they won 3-0), went to a vegan strip club (that's right, vegan not Vegas), and had many many lovely talks snacks and drinks with my man CR. So glad to have him home.