Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hope everyone had a fun Halloween-
Mine was good and busy with basically 3 parties and 2 costume changes...
How that happened I don't really know. 

At work we often come up with a group theme and this year someone, who neglected to actually dress up originally suggested Disney princesses... But we're and art school and all so it developed into "princesses gone bad/villians gone good" which was much more fun. We had a bad fairy with her 'arrested' placard from booking and over the hill cat woman. I was Nancy de Vil, you know her as Cruella, but this is before she went all bad. 
We also decorated the office- I am quite proud I put all my love of CSI and Dexter to good use and made this chalk outline of Bambi's mom. 
After work I went to the law firm where people went all out
And after that, a friends party where the theme was cults- that's a whole other post, but I went with friends in a group costume and we were a hit. Come on. You have to be a group when partaking in cult activities...but it looked something like this:
And this: