Friday, May 31, 2013

celebratory dinner

Night in. Home cooked and a glass or two of wine. And there's leftovers!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Is anyone still doing the 100 mile diet? My parents who are not "outdoorsmen" per se, have started crabbing when they are up at the Sunshine Coast. Many excursions sound like a comedy of errors, but they found success on this last trip. I got fresh crab meat delivered to me at work (Not sure if its really less than 100 miles or not but pretty darn close). If you've only ever experienced crab stick from Safeway you will think something is wrong with the real stuff visually speaking- but that was one yummy crab salad sandwich.

Thanks mom and dad!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1st camping trip of the year

Restorative. Glorious. Relaxing. Ah, camping. How do I love you?

E&M and I went up to Rolley Lake just out of Vancouver for the weekend. So so nice. Early enough to not have a lot of bugs, calm warm weather, and were totally prepared for the rain that came (M stands for Master of tarps). I did not even care it rained and everything came back damp. Those two cook feasts and I'm always treated to some amazing company. Lovely.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This last weekend was the Vancouver International Marathon. GK and I had signed up for the half, and my dad for the full. My dad is big on traditions and anniversaries and has done this marathon specifically every 5 years for 30 years.

I'm no runner and doubt I ever will- but GK and I walked the half in 2008 and here we are again in 2013. I walk a lot but having to keep up the pace for nearly 4 hours is hard. I complained bitterly many times but GK was always a step ahead (motivation) and patiently let me sulk quietly when I was getting a bit down on things. It wasn't all bad! The course was different for us, the weather was stunning, and the walk through the city was not grueling. We beat our last time by 1 minute! Clocking in 21 km at 3:45:57

There was something pretty awesome about coming down that last stretch and the crowd is cheering and we crossed the line in sync.

Meanwhile, dad soldered on in the full and completed the race also doing very well. Circa 1983 I remember sitting on a curb in gastown waiting for him to run by. We've stuck a deal for 2018, but I think I did so on the high of actually finishing another marathon... I'm sure by then I'll have forgotten the sore muscles and my premature old lady joints.

Thank you and proud of GK and my dad!