Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the sweet escape

Ahhh and what a sweet escape it was! wine and cheese and cheese and wine and wine and it was all a little decadent. and deserved, and needed. we had a lovely couple days away. we headed up on thursday after work and the sunshine coast lived mostly up to its name and did not rain on us. friday we went for a walk at a nearby park/oceanfront trail. we also bbq'd which was great- its becoming something of an easter tradition with the "easter salmon" on the menu. saturday we had a leisurely drive back down the coast and caught the ferry home. I love those drama, all fun.

I also saw one quick glimpse of those boats... still abandoned out there, but beautiful, seeming alone- yet I find it comforting that they are at least together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

on the coast

above are 2 boats left for years floating in Pender Harbour. I was able to get up close to them last summer when I was out cruising around in a little dinghy. I wonder if they are still there? we'll see

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm like a bird

I had another lovely day with little miss k. down at the public library we saw a performance
with aerial dancers doing a site specific piece off the side of the downtown library. it was watching something of a cross between spiderman, little birds flying off from the nest for the first time, and rockclimbing. I have always secretly wanted to learn how to do aerial dance. well not so secret perhaps, as I mention it here and as I have seen lessons in aerial dance offered at a community centre. pictures above are little miss k and I watching (laying down was better on the neck) and a shot of them in action

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wanting to see double

a coworker has informed me that my feng shui is all off, and that its part of the problem for my lack of dates, or dating prospects over the last couple of years. she said I need to start thinking about pairs. imagine my surprize that I have everything in 3's. 3 objects on a dresser, 3 pillows on my bed, I buy things in 3's. so I went home and put that 4th pillow on my bed. and started pairing things together in strategic places around my home.
she also said that the south-east corner of the apartment (where I collect the pile of dust with my swiffer) and the south-east corner of my bedroom (where I pile up stuff I should take to storage or toss) needs to be clean and clear. apparently having stuff under your bed is a total no-no. but whats a gal to do when there is no more space? what if its all organized really well? and the biggest question stumper: what if its another bed stored under the bed? thats a pair isn't it?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

a lesson or two

the conference in Kelowna was great...yes, its work and all, but I did do a lot of interesting things. I was put up in a swank hotel room, or should I say apartment. I still offered it to the boss man, but he was content with his view of the parking lot. the workshops were really informative...and a relief to hear other people in student services at universities also have ridiculous parents still after their kids. the term is actually "helicopter parents" because all they do is hover. parents prentending to be their children when they call to register, find out to how to apply, tell us that their kids are the most amazing ever... Me TOO! we went to a wine tasting that was at the BC Wine museum- and was equally informative (handouts included)... I now know the real deal with sight-sniff-sip-smell-savor, or atleast enough to one-up my dad.