Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wanting to see double

a coworker has informed me that my feng shui is all off, and that its part of the problem for my lack of dates, or dating prospects over the last couple of years. she said I need to start thinking about pairs. imagine my surprize that I have everything in 3's. 3 objects on a dresser, 3 pillows on my bed, I buy things in 3's. so I went home and put that 4th pillow on my bed. and started pairing things together in strategic places around my home.
she also said that the south-east corner of the apartment (where I collect the pile of dust with my swiffer) and the south-east corner of my bedroom (where I pile up stuff I should take to storage or toss) needs to be clean and clear. apparently having stuff under your bed is a total no-no. but whats a gal to do when there is no more space? what if its all organized really well? and the biggest question stumper: what if its another bed stored under the bed? thats a pair isn't it?

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two-way said...

I have a bed stored under my bed and so far haven't felt any strong Feng Shui fluctuations either negatively or positively. I like your blog by the way. Interesting observations.