Monday, March 31, 2014

oh Norman!

So EB and MF and I decide to have a leisurely Sunday beer at 33 acres- we met on route and walked down to the brewery. As I walked in I accidentally smacked my empty growler on the glass door and it rang out like a bell announcing our arrival. As I embarrassedly cringed and pretty much everyone turned to look, (in hindsight I  think I was going to say something like "well I've arrived!" to compensate until...) I looked up and was face to face with Norman Reedus staring at me. I turned back to my crew and then looked again to make sure I was seeing right. He's locked eyes with me and had on his face that cheeky bad boy smirk that 1,000,000+ followers (including me) know and love. I was so glad I was wearing my red lipstick cause he was definitely worth smiling at! Swoon! He was actually leaving right then- MF didn't even realize... After he was out the door I managed to stammer out- uh yeah. Daryl. Walking Dead. And I love him. I follow him on instagram and twitter. And yes, his name is Norman. 
So I did what any gal would do in this situation: I immediately sent him a message on Instagram asking to come back so I could buy him a beer. 

Norman and I at 33 acres. Same time. No biggie. Best celeb siting ever (except maybe that time I set up Ryan Reynolds Rogers Video rental account and still tried to upsell him the popcorn because I had no idea who he was- this was in the Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Shop era in my defense)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


If I was keeping a tab there are surely a million things I have wanted to tell you. These days are like years and they roll on and on as I lose track of time. All day and on my long walks I tally the things I see and do and hear and run the stories like a script in my head. The plot line always ends with walking. Me to you or us together. And I regale you with my tales and they please you.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

lights out

Janet's sculpture was amazing. I am so pleased I got to see it a few nights and was also there at the deinstall. It's just such a shame it was so brief! Even at the take down the number of people who came to see it was great- and although overall they were disappointed it was over so soon, glad to have some final glimpses from behind the barricades.  

And on the night of deinstall- lowered close to the water. I could *almost touch it

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks

So all this talk about Janet Echelman... its culminated in something very special. When I was researching our trip to Phoenix in January, I realized that she had that piece there, and the second I saw it I searched out her website to see what else she had going on.

This led me to realize 2 things:
1. that I had seen her work before and never realized it- there is a smaller piece at the Richmond Oval which was installed for the Olympics. I had even been there and stood under it. Years ago. Even before I saw her work in Amsterdam. And...
2. that she had an upcoming project in Vancouver connected to the 2014 TED talks.

I have been connected to the arts for most of my life, and over half of it as a student, employee and maker of things in this field. I see a lot of art. A lot. But I had not felt excitement over anything quite like this in years.

On a whim I wrote her an email telling her I loved her work and I was so excited that she was coming to Vancouver. Little did I expect that she would write me back personally to say thank you, but that this would be my lead in to actually be a part of this mammoth installation. This last Sunday I stood out on the sea wall with a group of friends and other volunteers late into the night and were on site pedestrian control and docents. I got to meet Janet. We were there for hours watching the, albeit, slow transformation of the water front. But it was worth the wait.

The end result is a must see. Please go and experience it. I can post a million photos and it will never do it justice.

Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks, 2014
March 15-22, 2014
Located suspended above the street and water between Canada Place, Fairmont Hotel and the Convention Center
See it dusk to midnight

Monday, March 10, 2014

long road back: Jerome, Sedona and Route 66

On our last big drive on the way back we made a few stops-

Jerome AZ is a former mining town built into the side of a mountain. About a mile up in a series of tight turns and winding road. One way in and one way out. The downtown is built in a series of block long switchbacks- so we were always looking up at the underbelly of the next set of businesses. Or down to the valley view. Also a bit of a ghost town, its community now is artists and studio/shops. We also ate an amazing Mexican lunch. yum!

Next stop, Sedona AZ. You'll know it when you see it. Its distinct rock formations and mountains in bight red rock. We wound up at the most stunning Catholic Church built right in to the side of a hill. These shots are actually from its parking lot!

And one quick detour onto a stretch of the historic Route 66. So iconic, yet so sleepy I was able to stand right in the middle of the main drag and not a car in sight.

It was a great trip- felt much longer than a week! Thanks mom and dad!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Her Secret is Patience

A draw for Phoenix as the destination for this trip was that I wanted to see a public sculpture by the artist Janet Echelman. You might remember her mentioned on my blog before as I saw a piece if hers in Amsterdam on my last night there.

This piece is a permanent installation since 2009 in a downtown civic park in Phoenix. We went early in the day to see it and returned again that same night to see it lit up. I noticed it wasn't as vibrant/bright as the piece I saw in Amsterdam, but after I read more about it I understand that the lighting changes based on the seasons. We spent a lot of time in the park talking about it. They are such interesting sculptures that I wonder when people come across them what they think- its so strange and beautiful just floating there. 

Her Secret is Patience, 2009

(Day time)

(Night time) 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Hoover Dam

Currently kickin' up my heels in the States with my folks. Riding their coat tails down to a warmer locale in snow-bird fashion. We flew into Las Vegas and did a little road trip down to Phoenix for a few days of warmth and rest. 

Our first stop was something out of the movies- the Hoover Dam (originally Boulder Dam) 

Built from 1931 to 1936 its quite the amazing feat of construction. I don't really get how they did it but I'll do some more research on that. 

We drove across and checked out some look outs looking back at the dam. Then my dad dropped us and mom and I walked back over- the water level is quite low, the evidence quite visual in a line cut across the banks of lake Mead. 

For me, best known from Superman and later from Fools Rush In- the latter in a scene where the two lovers meet in the middle of the dam spanning two states: Nevada and Arizona. That border and others like that- (I'm looking at you Washington and Oregon)  are pretty cool. It's the kind of thing movies are made of.