Monday, October 13, 2014

Ms. Lily Allen

Or Phase 2 of my musical mavens. 

Lily Allen hasn't toured in five years. I thought my chances to see her were long since passed- she had good reasons. Got married and popped out a few kids so I really thought that might be it. Let's just say it was one of the most pleasant surprizes this spring that she would be touring through Vancouver again. It felt like forever since I'd bought the tickets and the show happening. I wound up taking my brother as my date- he did not know her music, and had never been to the Commodore so I thought it would be a good introduction to both. 

The opener was Lolawolf who sounded and looked very familiar and then we realized after she was Zoe Kravitz (sounds like her dad, looks like her mom)

Ms. Allen came on and stole the show. She played everything I loved and she had the crowd digging it. She was cute and funny and totally charming. 

And yes those are baby bottles on the stage. Ode to her new life... Less about drugs and parties, more about babies...