Monday, July 15, 2013


I don't really know what to say about suicide

This spring in a matter of 5 weeks, 4 of my closest friends have been affected by the effects of losing someone they cared about to suicide.

I think people say suicide is selfish, but it's more obviously desperate. Desperate to be free of suffering. These are all people who had family, friends. Loved ones, jobs who sadly thought this was the better option.

It's become less of the why and more of the what could I have done differently to help them. I wish I had known. We all wish.

This last loss is the one that is closest to me. I am grateful that I know him. I will remember him for his heart of gold and sense of humor. He also makes me want to be a kinder, more gentle person both to myself and to others. I'll keep him in my thoughts, and also in my heart. You were and are loved, and you are missed. X

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