Monday, February 23, 2009

what happens in vegas...winds up on my blog

just got back from a weekend in las vegas... my first trip there and I went with miss B. its good and crazy and a little- ok a lot overwhelming. we were staying at the mirage on the strip. it was great to experience, and to see and time well spent with miss B. some highlights include:

guest lists and drinks for the ladies. party with a celebrity host. vip treatment. cafe au laits/oles by the pool. wander on the strip. go to venice. go to paris. go to rome. half price martinis. wine bar. old vegas. shrimp cocktails. slots. roulette. losing EVERYTHING. catching up. dressing up. drinking champaign under the stars.

it was a good trip. we did in fact have the same vip treatment as a celeb and have our picture taken by the same photographer- which was all kind of strange (check it out: we ate lots of nice snacks and appys and drank all the free drinks we wanted. we talked to strangers. we people watched. we explored. we went off the beaten track. don't know that I'll run back there right away, but it was a nice escape for a weekend away. thanks miss B!

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