Thursday, November 12, 2009

heres cooking at you kid

my mom pretty much always made home cooked dinners. she worked full time, took care of kids, the house and still made meals ever night for dinner. my dad did too, but his area of expertise was the bbq and pizza night probably once every couple of weeks. And since I have been taking care of myself now for almost as long as my parents took care of me, I really appreciate it more than ever. In the last year I am finding that I am craving meals from the past. domestic inspiration? nostalgic appetite? I wanted to make the things I remembered and loved- but make it better. it started with my moms spaghetti recipe: I loved it the way it was, but feeding your family on a budget and in a town where fresh produce was a foreign concept I thought I might be able to improve it a bit. no can of tomatoes for me- fresh tomatoes. instead of the lump of green pepper- crisp red or orange. safeway special lb of hamburger- grain fed alberta lean beef. I am pleased with myself and although I guess opening a can of tomatoes might take a little less than cleaning and chopping some vegetables, I feel good eating it. Last night I tried another: beef stroganoff. I had never made it before, but it turned out really well. organic beef and 3 types of mushrooms (white, brown and shiitake). like moms, only different.... (I love you mom!)

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Crissy said...

We made the best-ever meat sauce the other night:

-lean ground beef
-tomato sauce
-red wine
-fresh rosemary
-finely chopped carrots
-small cubed pieces of sweet potato

Slowly simmered for about 2 hours.

THE BEST I've ever had. Super good!