Friday, January 18, 2013

The HEMA sausage

So I mentioned eating Boerenkool a couple times. What I did not tell you was my initial judgement of the meal:

One night the family says "we will have a traditional winter meal- we also serve it with the very best sausage!" Now when this family says "the very best" it is carefully selected, narrowed down after decades of being foodies and wine connoisseurs and world travelers.
Later in the evening the meal is served and I notice the sausage ring has a tag from HEMA. HEMA is a local department store that sells almost everything... Clothing, stationary, kitchen and bathroom stuff, seasonal, bike accessories... And yes, next to the makeup aisle, sausages.
I was grateful for the meal but I just figured the butcher was closed and that was the last resort.


After I relayed this story to a friend they quickly corrected me: HEMA is known for their sausages. They are the choice nation wide! Who knew!

Anyway, they know it too. Pictured below is a sausage from HEMA made out of marzipan. For Christmas. For the vegetarians out there who need some of the tradition too!

Also pictured: some canal house cookies I brought back for my coworkers.

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