Monday, April 22, 2013

Cold comfort

I'm a very tried and true person when it comes to things I buy. I stick with the same thing for years and rarely deviate from that shopping list- especially when it comes to beauty products. As such I am often victim to my favorite things being discontinued. I'm talking to you Body Shop (Honey Chapstick and nail buffer)
But now and then I try something new from a friend and I will be all I NEED TO HAVE THIS TOO

Case in point, Kleenex Cool Touch: these unassuming tissues are so cool! Ha. I just called them cool without realizing it. You may have tried tissues with menthol or lotion but I don't know how these are done or their cellular makeup but they are cold. Physically cold to the touch. It's bizarre, but lovely. Miss N had them and I kept taking one as I left her house just to keep in my pocket. I like sleeping in a cold bed and that's the closest I can describe the sensation. There is something odd yet comforting about them to me. Try them out!

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cathy said...

Yay! Love these fun posts :)