Monday, August 19, 2013


It had been too long. Probably over a decade for a sailing trip with my parents. Time to try out the new-old boat. It's kind of like sailing in a westfalia van- said to sleep 5, but I don't think I'd push that stat. We left from Pender Harbour and headed slightly north.

We circumnavigated Nelson Island- the first port of call was the Harmony Islands. Ventured to shore in the dinghy to collect oysters and my dad cooked them up that night!

The next day we sailed to Ballet Bay and my dad and I puttered for a bit rowing around the shore line in the dinghy. Getting in and out of there is a bit treacherous as depending on the tide there are lots of rock ledges just below the surface.

Our last stop was Quarry Bay on the west side of Nelson Island. Lots of summer cabins so in a weird way it was really busy around there! All these locations are boat in only- no roads or towns or general stores.

On the way home one more stop: the father of the Sunshine Coast, Henry Roberts had an isolated cabin which according to the sailing guide was worth the stop. You can see it tucked on the trees, a run down log cabin on the edge of a rocky beach now on BC Hydro land. (Mr. Roberts passed away in the 70's I think) The most unexpected thing is that when we got up to the cabin it kind of looked like there was stuff on a window sill, then as we made out way around the side of the cabin we found a little old lady lounging on a deck chair, reading a book with her dog at her side. Uh, hello? Considering we were under the impression this rundown shack was abandoned this was quite the surprise. Margaret Pearson has been renting this cabin for years from Hydro and her family comes up each summer. No electricity, no neighbors, no company. She gets dropped there with all her supplies via water taxi. We were full of questions and she was happy to oblige! We got the tour and signed her guest book and let her be.

It was good to be out there, but my sea legs are out of practice. For nearly 3 days after I was still rocking- more sea sick on land than on the boat!

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