Sunday, September 1, 2013


A year ago today I made one of the best decisions I've ever made and moved to holland. I still stand by a previous post that said, if you have the chance to go- do so and for as long as possible. The dream should be fulfilled. The dream is possible. Life will continue and much of it will still be here when you return. But you will be better for it with all your experience. 

The people who love and support you, love and support you regardless where you reside on this globe. 

The dream is still possible, and I strive daily to make my dreams come true. Support and love those who are brave enough to go and explore. To do. Do not put a single more dream on hold for anyone. Let me tell you, that's the only part I regret. 



Anonymous said...
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green eye gurl said...

What you fail to understand is that there is a back story. The original dream included the both of us. That there was a time when he wanted to live overseas as well. Every time I gave him the opportunity he backed out. I never stood in the way of his dreams. He did.