Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lana Del Rey

Or, Phase 1 of my musical mavens. 

Tonight I went to see Lana Del Rey at the PNE Amptheatre. The show was pretty darn good and the people watching was spectacular. We appear to be only the few who read the event was OUTDOORS- cause let me tell you people were pretty scantily dressed for a dark rain cloud, raining night. I was there at least 2 hours before I saw someone else in rain boots. At least we were wearing pants. I don't kid. 

She was beautiful and sang everything I wanted, great lighting, and the crowd was great. 

Michaels Crafts must have a shortage on silk flowers after tonight- flower crowns a plenty, (think Born to Die) but mine were from a collection over the years. 

Great show. So satisfying. 

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