Monday, February 16, 2015

Sew good: Selfie Doll

So today there was this super fun event at work- 
(But honestly... not going to lie. Last week when I was asked to do it I was feeling all sewn out, ottomans and all)

There was a student event this week that the counselling department was hosting: a Selfie Doll workshop

Last week my coworkers were asked to make some as samples for the event, and as time went on we all got more, and more and more into it. By last Friday we spent most of the afternoon fantasizing about all the outfits we were going to make for them. I went home from a night out on Friday, which was basically Saturday, and then I sewed till 2:30am. 

Then, it REALLY got a bit crazy when it was valentines day night, and I'd hit some kind of new level when I had been working on an infinity scarf for over an hour. For a doll. A DOLL. 
I texted a couple coworkers for support. 

But then the pay off. Oh... The pay off was amazing. There were 7 or 8 of us dressed like our dolls today. It was so fabulous. 
Just hanging in the office
Just hanging in the concourse gallery
It was kind of a fluke, but if someone was likely to own neon orange polkadot socks, it was me

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