Monday, July 6, 2015

not sew good: quilting accident

Who knew? Let this post be a lesson to you all... The perils of quilting. There are some dangerous tools involved in making quilts: sharp needles and pins, scissors and apparently the most hazardous of all, the rotary knife. You put life and limb at risk every time a baby needs a quilt. 

Sewing took a turn a couple weeks back for me. I was working on a baby quilt at my kitchen table, cutting fabric into strips when I dropped my rotary knife on my foot. So. Much. Blood. 

I manged to get a few band aids on and hobbled over to VGH emergency. 4 nurses later, 3 hours later, 2 stitches later, I got home. And sewed that last strip. Considering it was only my second trip to a hospital for me in 38 years that's not too bad, but I still never want a repeat of it. Wear shoes when quilting people!

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