Monday, February 25, 2008

women of distinction

saturday I had a lovely day out. little miss k and I had a walk on the sea wall and played at a couple parks. I climbed on playground equipment- which I have not had a reason to do in a couple of decades, but really enjoy. sat in the sun and watched the world go by. we also took in an art show and looked in some shops. in the evening I went over to miss b's place and sat on her patio- which is one of my favorite patios looking out over the back side of the city. its an older view with lower buildings on the horizon. she made me dinner, which is always a treat as they are the only home cooked meals I get these days, and had a visit and a good chat about life and things coming up in our lives. we tell good stories and laugh a lot which I also don't do nearly as much as one should.

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