Saturday, April 5, 2008

art imitates art

a while ago I saw a post on a website with a youtube clip featuring a 2 or 3 year old belting out "Apologize" by OneRepublic while sitting in her car seat in the back of a minivan. She pretty much had it word for word with the exception of a couple fast paced lyrics where she substituted and hummed mmm hhhmm lllaaa to make up the missing parts (same as any self respecting adult sitting in a car with the music jacked would do while at a stop light to save face).
so I found it funny then today when little miss K was here making art with me and the song came on my laptop. she is all of 7, and pretty much did the same thing: sang the song to the best of her knowledge, with real emphasis on the "its too late...I said its too late apologize... its too late!" chorus. and she also did this without once taking her focus from cutting and pasting her craft project.
is there something about this song? is there something about the words? is it because its something that children are used to being told: apologize to your mother, apologize for hitting your brother, tell daddy you're sorry. or is it simply because the song has a lot of airtime and the words are easy to follow? and everyone can relate on some level.
I know for both her and I, it means different things about different people... and its kind of true.

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