Friday, April 11, 2008

next stop...

I was meeting miss B for a drink and a bite after work. I was also going to 'help' or at least observe at a project she is working on for an art show. audio needed to be recorded... now as I am no audio expert- she gives me jobs like "personal assistant" and "moral support" so I can be on set with her. this is enough responsibility, both real and imagined.
what was funny is where we went: miss B has a friend who is a character, and dables in almost everything. he was doing the audio at his studio. and his studio is a bus.
this is an old bus, picture greyhound charter...parked in an empty industrial lot and has a long extension cord, one of those 100' (at least) snaking across the parking lot from a warehouse as the power source. I was told it was a bus, in a parking lot, and yet it was still not what I pictured when I arrived. its ridiculous. there are only about 5 seats still in it and there are a couple of desks and 2 old style orange hairsalon seat/hair dryer things. and then sound equipment. one of the other people there said it was still better than a trailer park...which part being 'better' I do not know. He has saved this bus from demolition, and scavengers by buying it and wrangling a deal with the property landlord. it is not road worthy and it will stay there. and while the sun was setting on this beast, he wistfully spoke of putting a picket fence around it and getting a bbq.

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Miss Biliana said...

Yes, the bus left me breathless as well! Thank you for your support, always!