Monday, May 5, 2008

run walker run!

So yesterday I participated in the Vancouver International Marathon. I did the half marathon which is 13 miles/20.92 km. One of my girlfriends walked with me. We had worked up to about 4 hours of walking during our ‘training’- although that usually included stopping at starbucks and many bathroom stops and then getting to a beer destination. I thought it was going to take about an hour longer than it did, but I clocked in at 3:44:26. It is said to be a particularly beautiful course, basically the perimeter of downtown including Stanley Park.
It was quite funny as we never had any intentions other than to walk, but as we are walking past the spectators- which by comparison to runners, we are kind of in slow-mo, so it was somewhat embarrassing as the clapping and cheering went on…and on and on…and towards the end when people are “only a bit more to go! are almost there!... you can do it!!” I think they thought we had run the whole way and were walking because we were giving up and staggering over the finish line.
I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again… I had a lot of anxiety leading up to it (would it rain, how long would we take, what to wear, sleeping in and missing the start time, how I’d get there, would I freak out in the crowds). I made it though, and it was a nice day. I am a little creaky today with sore muscles, but it is satisfying to have completed it.


Miss Biliana said...

I knew you can do it and with grace! Good job miss K! But you are right you are not to worry that I might talk you into it next year. More like talk you into having a ginger margarita then running in a marathon.

Anonymous said...

ginger margaritas it is!

the crush said...

wha... i've always been under the impression that you were crushin' on me for years and i'll miss that schoolgurl crush of yours. Will you still bat your eyes fer me once in awhile?

green eye gurl said...

maybe...but you don't come by my desk anymore... whats a girl to do?