Tuesday, August 4, 2009

life is a beach... and a mall

I just got back from my summer vacation with ms. f and what a great trip!
we did a circle trip down to the oregon coast and then to Portland... over a week. she and I had a great time and despite knowing each other since kindergarten, this is the longest we'd had a chance to hang out and catch up at one time since high school! we always have a nice time, good conversation and even better shopping luck when we are together. it was also my birthday last saturday so we had a big night out for that.
highlights include: road trip tunes, passport ready, hitting the beach, standing in the ocean, misty days, little red car, Seaside, safeway club cards, hot hot heat, catching up with CR and friends, shopping in the city, outdoor markets, Beavers VS Las Vegas baseball, drinks at new places, roof top patios, departures, new red dress, birthday sushi, drive home.

thank you ms. f and CR for the great vacation!

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