Monday, September 14, 2009

hail ceaser and bring on the whiskey, jack

had a late season camping trip this weekend. it was fabulous! went again with E + M and GK (who are camping superstars). this time we went up towards Harrison. the site was closer to the suburbs, so it was a bit busier, and my heading reflects
a shout out to the campsite rowdies this weekend. there were however no bugs so I guess the annoyances evens out. the weather was perfect. sunny and warm and totally blue, blue skies. our site was on a pretty little lake and there were a couple other parks and lakes very near by so we checked out all of them. the other girls went swimming as well as the lakes were cool yet refreshing. highlights include: setting up in the dark, our curious Whiskey Jacks, visits from toads, no mosquitoes, big fires, Oyama sausages, marshmallows and dark chocolate, all terrain bocce, sunshine, cozy tent, peach lambic, ice cream run, fresh air, naps in the afternoon.

Thank you crew for a lovely time. I am so buying a tent next summer!

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