Thursday, October 29, 2009

feathered friend

my work had a cute little guest- we had a baby (or very small) owl banging against our front doors of the building at about 10am... crows were attacking him so our receptionist went out and caught him in a box, and now he is sitting up at reception. people keep coming to check him out... so cute. he seems calm in the box... not flapping around. we have called the SPCA/wildlife people to come and rescue him. we wished we had something to feed him... too bad we can't capture the mice which are such a problem here at the school! we want to keep him. when I was asked to cover the phones, which I often do, today instead I was asked to babysit the owl.

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two-way said...

woah! I caught a little owl in Mexico banging into a window once they are pretty neato.