Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Architectural tour Prince George

Downtown Prince George has suffered for many years. But I feel like I have a strong affinity for the place because my mom hated the mall so we had the deli and bakery and our bank downtown that we went to. The coolest store of all time still has to be Northern Hardware as you can buy grass seed, a cappuccino maker, horse saddle, riffle, scented candle and a couch all at the same place. 

I had a couple walks around town and I really wish it would get revitalized. People try, but Walmart on the side if the highway will always have the better draw I guess. Although besides the prices I don't know know why. Not for me. 

Some pictures from around town- places that hold childhood memories for me:

Where I learned to swim- Four Seasons. Where I worked in high school- the library. The same dodgy hotel to stay away from- the Croft. Favorite gas station that's never been a gas station in my life time. Some down town hotels- nice signage. The original Bay parkade. The office tower my dad worked in. 

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