Thursday, October 17, 2013

Avon calling!... And it's the 1950's

When I was a kid I pawed over those Avon catalogues like it was my job. I knew an Avon lady who gave me the cutest mini lipstick samples you've ever seen. Then when I was in my 20's I had a coworker my age who was an Avon lady herself- say what? Avon lady who was young like me. And years later my friends mom became my lady. Since we don't live near each other the next natural step was the Internet. Because yes, we can now. The technology exists. 

I only use 2 products and I order them probably twice a year. And it works like it should, I place my order, I pay by credit card and in 4-7 days shows up on my door step. 

So imagine my surprise when I go to order this week and something is, different. It's a slightly new website and I have to re register. Ok. Then after everything is in the shopping cart it says I need a rep. Also ok, because I always credit my friends mom. But this time it spits out a random reps name. Hmmm. Then once I click submit it tells me my rep will contact me to discuss and deliver my order personally. What? 

I decide this can't be right.  I want to place my order, pay by credit card and in 4-7 days show up on my door step. So I call them. 

And believe it, this is right. This is the NEW system. I point out all the flaws- they say "this is more convenient for our customers" and I say how? I now have to wait to talk to place an order with a stranger, give some random person my credit card number (who doesn't even have an Avon issued email address) then coordinate with this person to come to my house. How is this better? How is this secure? How do they think this isn't a hassle? 

It's already been 3 days since I started this process and I still have not officially placed my order. No phone call yet. (Ha)

And get this: The only way I can order product and have it directly delivered to me is to become an Avon lady myself. 

Like I need another part time job. 

In the end my order wound up at my front door via Canada Post. Unexpectedly. I already had it stocking my bathroom shelves before I realized I had not yet paid anyone. A couple days later the rep emailed me with my total and I sent a cheque in the mail to her- still documented everything just in case. Who knows- by the next time I order they may be back to the "old" system (aka the Internet)

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