Sunday, April 27, 2014


Two words. These two words.

my darling

These two words. They wreck me. Send me into emotional disarray. I am at the utmost blissfully feeling loved. Or I am reduced to tears by the love. Or the love I long for.
These two words. The only time I have the experience myself, they are spoken to me almost exclusively by my parents. They've always done it. Not every conversation but it is an endearing notation both in letters and in person. I made the request only once that an ex use this as a pet name for me, but it sounded wrong and he only ever indulged me one time. I did however date, over the years, a couple of English blokes and man- if the English don't know how to do it well. If I even just think of them calling on me I still smile.  It just rolls off their tongue and sounds like the most natural most endearing thing ever.

These words are currently foremost in my mind because I've been watching Downton Abbey.  What is it about an English accent saying my darling that just gets me and makes my heart ache?

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