Thursday, July 3, 2014

Silver lining

This weekend the weekend couldn't decide what to do. Are you a long weekend? Are you a normal 2 day weekend with a bonus week day off weekend? A couple of us were lucky to take the Monday so I had what felt like an eternity off. EB and M and I went up to my top location near Hope, Silver Tip. You can't make a reservation ever so we always just go for it and hope for the best. Night one we were 1 of 5 sites out of 45. Night 2 it was so quiet we started to freak ourselves out. Night 3 was just as quiet, but we'd warmed up to the darkness- and there was WAY less cracking in the bushes. When we drove out if there on Tuesday, we were the only ones on the property. Crazy! 
Apparently the weekend before was a VW convention that filled the joint...

On our last full day we packed up and headed out on the road a little further. We had to ourselves a creek bed that flowed into the river. We sat in the sun. Drank our beer. BBQd. Listened to music. I had a flash of Kimberly as a kid and seeing a scene like this and hoping one day that would be me. That day it was.  

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