Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vancouver International Soccer Festival

A good friend of mine had been telling me for years about her volunteer work for the annual Vancouver International Soccer Festival, VISF. It's an organization which promotes sport and community and the power to overcome personal and national struggle with the outlet of sportsmanship. This year my friend was the volunteer coordinator and a few other friends and I came out to work with her. 

It was pretty much the hottest weekend Vancouver has ever seen, and I sweat like it was no body's business and all I did was man the info tent, tidy the beer garden and pick up trash. Those teams were out there in the hot hot hot heat. We actually ran out of water. Twice. 

It was a really fun, good spirited event which was a welcome cry from the usual annoying shenanigans of sport in this city. I think a difference was that these fans- are the athletes. 

Yeah. I realize no actual soccer pictures. Beer garden (those are teams though). My amazing burger from on site food truck. The fields at dusk. My ride home after a long day, in a convertable, which was a treat!

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