Thursday, August 7, 2014

my roses

I was lucky to get to spend another birthday in Portland. We tried to figure it out, maybe 4 or 5 birthdays in PDX over the last decade with my man CR and a few of the crew. 
I had the apartment in the city pretty much to myself and wandered, drank fancy coffees, bit of shopping, interesting drinks, fun people and had a really nice time. 
Besides the gun range we also checked out some new bars/restaurants, I had an amazing birthday dinner cooked for me, surprize rendezvous with some friends from home, and a sake brewery. 
Change room change up
Coopers Hall Winery, east side
Target practice
Hello, salmon birthday dinner
St. Cupcake cupcakes aftermath, Cards Against Humanity
Birthday hazelnut affogato in the Pearl
This is how you make sake in 18 simple steps 
My view of the soccer stadium
#pdxcarpet is actually a hashtag. Check it. 

Great week, great people. Thank you CR and Miss A for an awesome time. 

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