Monday, August 4, 2014

trigger happy

Sometimes the "only in America" rings so, so true. This week while in Portland I was going about a usual day, wandering through town, a bit of shopping when CR texts me and drops a casual "btw we are going to a gun range tonight".  It was actually a birthday plan for another friend who's day it was the week before and this was what he asked to do for a celebratory treat. 
Unbeknownst to CR this is something I have very much wanted to do for quite some time. As I rode the Max out to Beaverton to meet them I was so excited... but also preparing for disappointment that they wouldn't let a Canadian out there with a gun, or fear when I suddenly had no idea what kind of yahoos I was going to shoot guns with. In America. 

This was a private gun club that another friend of CR's belongs to. He is ex army and he owns the guns we shot with, brought all the ammo, and was an amazingly serious, informative and kind instructor. It was awesome. 

We started with the hand-gun pistols. I was up first and I hit the black target in my first shot. Not bad for first round. The guns are, surprisingly heavy. Plus trying to stay calm and focused, some nervous tension AND hit your target, lets just say my arms were sore the next day. 
We went on to a different range area to shoot rifles. Here you could lean the gun on the table, use a couple props to help you aim. I was most nervous about the kickback and that I was going to get hit in the face accidentally by the body of the gun- but if you pull it in close, and lean your cheek on the gun, your whole body moves with it. It was also a lot less startling when I was the one pulling the trigger. You know what's coming. Turns out I'm a pretty good shot. 
Yeah. I'm a ten. 

BTW if you're going to do it, I figured I gotta do it right. Yes I rocked the red lipstick at the gun range. I was the only lady there and I meant business. 

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