Thursday, December 6, 2012


Tonight I went to an artists studio to buy my last original Dutch item that I've been dreaming of. As a testament to how comfortable I now am in Amsterdam, I looked up the tram line.... And rode it right off my trusty city map!
It was a bit strange to not be able to follow along any more... But I found what I was looking for no problem.

Then I picked up some wine as Ms. BD was having a going away dinner with a couple friends as she moves to Germany at the end of the month for a new job. She lives in the north and I had to take the ferry there, and then walk a bit.

After a lovely dinner with her lovely friends we said our 'Auf Wiedersehen!' and then the only other gal left standing gave me a totally authentic Dutch experience by doubling me on her bike back to the station!: Icy road conditions. Snow. Cold and windy. Me nervous. With my big purse. Holding her crock pot (still had contents). Her 5 second advice was "You need to trust, and you need to relax. Breathe with me" and off we went!

We made the ferry with 7 seconds to spare.

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