Thursday, December 6, 2012

Well, that was dumb

So all along I've been pretty vocal over the fact that "I don't need no h&m" and "why would I bother shopping there here, when it's in Vancouver?"

Uh... Why didn't any interwebs tell me they have a HOME section? In only 7 shops in Europe and one is Amsterdam on Dam Square as a test market? And I only discover this on the 3rd to last day?

It was amazing. And cheap. And amazing. And damn. I bought a beautiful cushion cover for only €2.95. (unless I start tossing essential clothing, thats all I can fit) I would pay at least $24.95 for the same at ikea. And they have bedding and shower curtains and towels and...

And a cool system to choose your product: take this 'slide' to the counter and they get the item from the back.

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Crissy said...

Yep, we discovered H&M Home in London last year ... SO great! And awesome prices. We got a couple of cool items.

At least you found it -- better late than never! :D