Thursday, December 18, 2014


Just got back from a wonderful break away with my family- besides the wedding in the summer we have not gone on a family trip together for some years. We went to Hawaii- and spent most of our time in Waikiki. 
Waikiki is like our old neighbourhood- we spent a lot of family trips their growing up, and honestly our end of the beach has not really changed. We have pretty much only ever stayed in the same 2 hotels (that are across the street from each other). My mom was reflecting though on the early days- when we were little (like 30-35 years ago) the big difference was that we were the only kids at the beach. The only 2. It was more of a honeymoon destination, or for people on r&r from the army. Now, it's packed with families and people of all ages enjoying the sun and surf. 

Super relaxing. By Thursday I had decided I did not want to go home. Like, ever. And my tan isn't too bad either. 

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