Thursday, December 18, 2014

in the heart of the volcano

Despite all of our trips and practically living in the shadow of Diamond Head, we finally decided to climb the crater. 
Once as kids we had gone on a drive to the inside of this defunct volcano- but I'm not sure that we even got out of the car!
This time my parents and I took the city bus to the base- and walked right in, and then up the hike to the look out. 

At the top there is what actually was a war time bunker/look out. And the view. Oh, the view. 

It was so freakin hot. And when we got to the top there wasn't wind, a breeze. Just still, and hot. 

As we passed some Aussie girls on that last flight of stairs- on their way down I overheard the best conversation I heard all week:
Q: "is THAT a breeze?"
A: " no, I think that's just us walking against the air..."

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