Sunday, August 17, 2008

au revoir Paris et ma vacances

well Paris has come to a close. right now I am sitting have a glass of wine in our hotel room, after a lovely dinner on a patio with drinks and a view for people watching, we are repacked and have our game-plan for the metro tomorrow morning.
Paris has been interesting- I cannot lie, it was not easy at moments for me.
I was here once as a teenager, but this was different. the city was overwhelming in size and busy-ness for me. I tried my hardest to understand and communicate in french but its evident my language skills are rusty (truth be told gr. 11 was a long time ago). as far as I am concerned the biggest problem was that of the street maps: they don't include all the streets!

but...we are in Paris. Paris baby! highlights include: sitting on patios, taking bagettes to the park and cracking open a bottle of wine, walking and walking, going to mont martre and seeing that view, exploring, skillfully cropping tourists out of photos, the louvre, the pompidou, still managing to find destinations sans address, champs de lysees, top of the arc de triomphe, the eiffel tower during the day, the eiffel tower at night, holding a boys hand under the eiffel tower, notre dame, paris crypt, finally navigating without a map and not getting lost, and everything in between.

special thanks to CR for sticking by me and reading the map from time to time.

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