Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in Brugge

well, we are in f*ckin Brugge. colin farrel isn't here, but we climbed the belfry and sat on his patio. CR and I arrived yesterday, and will be gone again by tomorrow- but its been nice. busy, very busy but nice. there are tonnes of tourists, but we are often off the beaten path and this suits us all the better. weird shop hours though... we always seem to catch them closed at lunch, dinner, or because its wednesday. tonight we will sample a few more beers, some chocolate. last night I already had the waffles and mussels- but not together.
tomorrow...another train- this time to Paris.

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Anonymous said...

love the brugge movie - the constant swearing is fabulous. The town is all kinds of cute. it has chocolate and beer so you are never hungry or thirsty......