Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paris of the Prairies

which is not be confused with my previous posts. this 'Paris' has lots of bridges and a river and street names I do not know yet, and thankfully- there is no metro. according to wikipedia, Saskatoon Saskatchewan IS the Paris of the Prairies. according to miss B's new landlords, no one here would say that. according to miss B, this was the major selling feature.
regardless, we are here and the reason is because B has moved here to do her masters at U of S. I am here for moral support and as a mule for her luggage. we flew in this morning and have already had a tour of saskatoon, moved into the house, bought her a bed, unpacked and furnished her room as well as went grocery shopping. it is a lovely house from the 1940's and it perfectly charming and close to the university.

I am here for the weekend and we will do all the running around and site seeing we can fit in. it is the long goodbye. the next 2 days need to be packed with all the fun we can muster to last us this fall and until the snow falls.

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Miss Biliana said...

Thank you so much for coming out here Your support was priceless. It is still Paris of the Prairies for me, even if I have to make it that way!