Thursday, August 7, 2008

so sofia

I have just finished a week in Bulgaria. miss B was the super hostess as always and took excllent care of me. she was not only my travel companion, but constant translator and guide. I would not let her out of my sight even for a minute! this was an evident lesson early on when I arrived at the airport, went through customs, collected baggage and was greeted by a crowd- not a single english word was seen or heard- and then no miss B. the airport cleared out, and looked as though it might shut down for the night and I was left all by myself with 1 lurking taxi driver. dutch tourists took pity on me and let me use their cell phone. she was waiting at the OTHER terminal...and no one here or there offered up such information. incuding the "information" booth.

memorable moments: miss B's uncle Toni, getting good at the 6 floor walk-up, having her point out memories from her childhood, going to the passport office to be registered, many drinks on many patios, going to the mosque, personal tours with Dushko, having a bulgarian birthday, going shopping at the market for food and hosting a little party at our apartment, kisses for each cheek, road trip to Koprivshtiza, road trip to Plodiv, listening to techno at one of the most historic sights I have ever witnessed, old friends, icecream under the fall of communism.

we stayed in her childhood apartment building in downtown Sofia- in an attic studio. it was nice to see and meet the people and places she has spoken about since I met her (and I must say, painted a most accurate picture). I would love to go back again one day with miss B, and know that I could have not done this trip without her!


Crissy said...

Maybe you'd be brave enough to return on your own, without a translator?

As for the kisses on the cheeks - was it two or three kisses? Seems to vary from place to place ... I never know if I should stop at two or carry on to three ... !! :)

Glad to hear all is well!

lowlander said...

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Miss Biliana said...

Hello Miss K! Missing you already, Sofia is dull and blazing hot without you! As for C's question, I believe they are two kisses usually. Quite dramatic ones, not just pecks.

Crissy said...

Miss B - I think perhaps the # of kisses is dependent on whereabouts in Europe you are (and possibly how well you know the person) ... as 3 kisses seems to be the norm when I visit my friends in the Netherlands.

Who knows! Who cares! All kisses are good! :)

green eye gurl said...

2 kisses in Sofia, 3 kisses in Amsterdam...or in one case I was told 5 for me