Friday, November 2, 2012

I am

I woke up this morning in my place and although comfortable, back to the weird dreams. Ah well. It was really quiet which is nice and not what I really expected living in a big city like Amsterdam.

Decided to head into the city center as it's been over a month since I was last there. Crazy I know! Did a few errands and wandered to a couple of my favorite places- it's getting christmas-y (or sinterklaas-y) out there.

Just when I thought nothing exciting happened today the tram I was in got t-boned by a car! I think we went off our rails, at any rate we all had to get off and walk. It was good I was only about 10 minutes from home. As I write I am in a bar by my place and the number 9 tram just went by again so I guess they got it sorted.

Oh, and the 'I amsterdam' sign just showed up at the museum at the end of my street: I can see it from my front door. Prima!

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