Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've been meaning to comment on my front door.

I have the steepest front stairs you've ever seen. Ever. It's kind of hard to capture in a photo, but let me tell you I don't think they'd pass any building code in north America. It's kind of like climbing up a ladder. And when I leave I lock my door, carefully turn around, shimmy to the right to the hand rail, and move very slowly. These are not steps for rushing. When I come home with groceries or after an especially long day of walking I hang onto the door handle while I deal with the key. I teetered once- and that was one time too many.

Technically I am on the first floor but first floor in Europe is most often the floor up from the street.

The first photo there is taken on eye level from the street, and the second is me standing sideways on the stairs... Both feet don't fit at the same time.

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