Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stedelijk Museum

Today was the long awaited trip to Stedelijk:
The last time I saw this gallery I was 20. Every trip since then I've thought "wasn't there a modern art gallery somewhere around here?". In 2008 they said it's been closed for renovations for years... Then last year, 2011- nope, still closed. When I arrived this time, STILL closed! It opened after about 13 years of renos in late September. Crazy!

The exterior of the addition to the old building was very controversial but now that I've been inside I just can't believe the big deal and that it took so long.

To be honest I was expecting way more modern exhibits and artists- I guess somewhere, some time you have to acknowledge that 1960 is already 50 years old. It was still great to see though!

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