Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I've been laying low... But I decided a good outing was to hit the Tropenmuseum which is literally at the end of my street.

The Tropenmuseum is a museum that houses artifacts and exhibits from tropical countries, something like a combo of my "Non Western art history" class from art school and the Museum of Archaeology from UBC: basically everything that is not from Europe or north America.

There were a huge exhibits of Africa and India, but also almost a whole floor featuring the history of the Dutch colonizing the East Indies. This covered immigration, trading, collecting of exotic curios for collectors and exploration.

Here are some of my favorite masks I saw, as well as a very modern acquisition of a sculpture called 'Madonna' by Roy Villevoye. It was so life like it was disarming. I got really close to it and I just kept thinking at any moment he would blink.

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