Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Downward hond

So I finally have all this time to drink wine and eat cheese... Errr all this time to do things that have been neglected like look at art, write and do something active.

Before I came here I did a bunch of research and there is a fitness studio only 2 minutes from my family's place- so they got me sorted for yoga.

I think it's been about 7 years- and it only really dawned on me when I saw my yoga teaching friend this summer and told her of my plan, that the class would be good, but also be in Dutch.

Lucky for me people are friendly, willing to help and translate and understanding that I am pretty pathetic in any speaking/understanding skills.

The teacher was good at peppering in comments like "knees up" or "stretch arms" and even once had other students pipe up when she (obviously) had to ask the WHOLE class for the translation of "belly button"

Those poor other students.

But good for me! I will try to go to 2 classes per week while I am here. The only 2 things I totally understood were: pose for kinder (child's pose) and downward hond (hond means dog)!

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Miss Biliana said...

Ha! I love it! Hound-hond dog, that makes sense! I think the last time I did yoga was with you :)