Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rode the tram like a local

Made an earlier start than usual (still not that early once you sort out 4 cats) and went into Amsterdam.

I studied my map in advance and was pretty* sure I could take #2 or #5 through the city and to the Rijksmuseum... At least I knew what I was looking for, but was still pleasantly surprised when it appeared around a corner and I even got off at the right stop. I decided to buy a museum pass that's actually good for a year, but only about 10€ more than the 3 day tourist pass- the woman who sold it to me said I MUST go to at least 4 galleries! Don't worry! I will! It's good for something like 400 museums across the country.

I went to the gallery and enjoyed myself... But of course when it was time to leave it was pouring.

I went and had a bite to eat- funny thing: there were some pigeons hanging out inside the cafe. Just walking around... How they got in there I have no idea as there were no open windows and doors so heavy I had issues getting in and out myself. No one seemed too fussed! It's actually a really nice place! Really!

Wandered around. Had a latte on a patio- but it was the first time I felt cold... Fall is on the way...

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