Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not even at a Grade 2 level

Again, with the doorbell.

So I am not used to living in a house, with a front door, on a street that anyone can walk on up and ring the door bell and set me off in a panic. I seriously would not be answering the door at all, ever, except that I was told to expect the plumber to deal with a drippy tap, and a cheque coming from their bank that I'd have to sign for.

So far-
people expected: 0
random knocking: 3

I already mentioned the JW's and then there was someone collecting I think* for cancer. Today was a school girl.

I think she was probably about 7 or 8- old enough to be knocking on someone's door with no adult around with them, but young enough that she did not speak English. And to be honest, she might not have totally got that I did not understand a word she said. She did s l o w it right down for me that I really thought she said "my house" at some point in the conversation I thought she might be the neighbors child, but when I asked if her mom was the name I knew she looked at me blankly.

Then I thought oh crap. This kid has come to an adult for help and I can't help her... So then I s l o w e d it down and asked ARE YOU OK? YOU OK? and then she looked at me with mixed you are an idiot/ I'm confused. Then she said da which I believe is "yes" in some countries- but not in Dutch. Then I said I am sorry and I don't understand (about a dozen times) and slowly started closing the door. She smiled, shrugged and walked away.

There were lots of other people and school children out and about and there are about 20 other houses and a business across the road so I hope she got what she needed.

I on the other had need a language lesson and fast. I feel horrible!


Bri ann McErlean said...

enjoying following along...

Bri ann McErlean said...

Goede dag

Anonymous said...

da also means "tap." She was probably the plumber's daughter...

green eye gurl said...

Thanks anonymous!

She really did seem ok when she walked away. I think I was the one with a real problem

green eye gurl said...

Update: she was from a house down the street selling raffle tickets for her sports team. Identified, and tickets now purchased!