Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good thing I was wearing rain boots

So I slept in this morning, but then I remembered the weekly market is only on Tuesday mornings in Weesp.
It was also raining- but by the time I walked out of the house it had cleared a bit and was really mild. I walked down the cobble stone street and stopped and sat and had a latte. Then carried on to the street venders... You can buy almost anything at a market here but I still gravitate towards the traditional: the flower venders, cheese, bakers, drop & candy and fruit. I wandered along thinking how totally romanticized-European it all was (I was).

When... a gust of wind caught an awning and dumped a buckets worth of rain water on my head. Public humiliation! Old Dutch ladies laughed at me! Most of the water was absorbed by my hair (or bun I was wearing) and my shirt/bra. Basically the top half of me was wet. Awesome. I was also pretty sure my mascara was running down my face. I was cold and wet and there was no quick escape as I was in the middle of the market.

So it took everything I had it smile at the ladies, a little laugh like "oh well" and keep shopping for fruit. Like I was totally dry and to channel some of that class everyone else has.

On the plus side: Somehow this embarrassment caused me to be more confident than before (can't get much worse really) and actually tried out some of my basic Dutch on venders- like using my numbers to request one baked good, or 3 figs.

My rain boots never saw a drop of water. As soon as I got home the sky opened up and it poured.

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