Friday, September 7, 2012

Herding cats

So the family is on the way to the airport and it's taken me all week to get a decent shot of each of my wards. Now it's just me, and them, and I am greatly out numbered.

I am happy I've had a week to get to know them, and today I have had my lap sat on twice so I think I am their friend now. Or they are catching on that I have the food.

Snoes is the oldest at about 20 years

Kramiel is 16-18

The young ones are Colette and Derrick- Colette hails from the French country side and Derrick is very sweet but a little bit trouble and has learned how to open the kitchen screen door to run out into the garden- so I am currently sitting on a propped chair blocking his escape.

I think he still likes me anyway.

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